‘BHOOMI’ means land, and it is of Sanskrit origin. Bhoomi is the main need for everyone nowadays, which is an immovable property. Bhoomi value depends on the area where it is. With the increase in population the value of the land is also increasing.

What is Bhoomi?

               BHOOMI means computerizing the land records by the government of Karnataka. To reduce the frauds occurring in panchayats and formal land records, the government decided to computerize the land records. National Informatics Center developed this project. Its a Growing Database of land records.

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Features of this scheme:

  • This helps in registering and maintaining farmers lands.
  • The farmers also quickly check their records
  • Information is helpful in determining cropping patterns.

How to register in Bhoomi?

If we want to register your land, we need to get access to computer with Internet connectivity and the following procedure should be followed:

  • First, visit the website Bhoomi
  • Click onto login button
  • Next, create an account that should be selected.
  • Enter all the details, captcha.
  • Click on submit to register.

The information available in Bhoomi:

This program started in 2000. This scheme spread so fast all over the state, districts, taluka, sub taluka, and gram panchayat. It covered almost all villages; you can see and check your land records online. The government is soon going to introduce a biologic method. It means the public will collect the fingerprint method to authorize the application. The fee for retrieving the RTC; using this fee government is going to improve the infrastructure.

The Bhoomi consists of information of the owner of land, the crops planted, the property taxes paid and pending loans.

This will be tracked through document RTC.

Benefits of this scheme:

  • The farmers are the ones who will benefit from this scheme; it is a clear record of the land type and soil type, irrigation patterns, etc.
  • It is a clear record that we can have to maintain.
  • It will be easier to check records of farmers and to provide benefits to farmers.
  • For banks and other financial sectors, they find it easy to check the records and provide loans.
  • Land division is also made online and it saves time.

To check your land records, you have mobile application also, for this you have to go to play store download the app as given below.

  • Open play store and search M RTC, find the application there
  • Install the app; after that, you can open it whenever you want.
  • You can use that to register or to login.


  • Land records offices, SSLR buildings, K.R Circle, Bangalore-560001
  • Email:
  • Mail:
  • Phone: 8277864065/ 8277864069/8277864067/8277864068(call timings 10:00 am to 5.30 pm)


This scheme is a perfect one that protects one’s property from any litigation’s. Previously many frauds are occurring when kept in paper records. Many people used to change their documents and change their property to their name. The cases regarding this are still in court as unsolved. So, the government wanted to avoid these frauds and brought this scheme of land records. Now it’s very easy to check our land records or to check the property you want. Still, the government is working on it to bring bio-metric authentication for registration of Bhoomi.

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