Apna khata is an online portal for the people of Rajasthan. it is an initiative of the revenue department of government of Rajasthan to computerize the complete system of land records of state .it is also called as jamabandi nakal where all land records are updated in online. people can see their land records with in few minutes in pc without wasting a lot of time in the revenue offices.

apna khata
Image Credits: https://apnakhata.raj.nic.in/

Apna khata over view:

  • NAME OF THE PORTAL: Apna kata
  • STATE COVERED: Rajasthan
  • GOVERNING BODY: Revenue department of Rajasthan
  • RELATED TO: land records
  • OFFICIAL WEB SITE: https://apnakhata .raj.nic.in/

Information available in apna khata:

  • Through Rajasthan apna khata portal you can check your account of online janmabandi copy and khasra number from home.
  • All Land record services can be obtained here in this portal.
  • In this way through this portal the time of the farmers is saved. The government respected the farmers and this service is made available at home.

How to access apna khata?

Now it become easy to see the land records after the coming of apna khata. we ca see t in our home itself without wasting our time in the revenue offices. still some people find it difficult to access apna khata.

 Now we see how to access it through online:

Keeping in mind the government of Rajasthan started this portal for farmers through online with the information related to bulekh Rajasthan.

  • First of all you have open the site of apna khata as it is mentioned above. Once you open the site you find the home page of the portal like below. Here you will see the Rajasthan map from this you can select the” district” option.
  • Now by clicking on the district in the image you see more details on it
  • On selecting the stencil of the above page, you will be redirected
  • After this your page will be loaded to select your village. you can also select by pressing the first letter of your village.
  • Here you can account details of your land, property etc. .by name, by account

At last you will get a copy of records …it will have all details like account number, husband or father name, royalty and other record of the land. according to the option you have chosen, the details to your option will be provided. After filling all information, you have press the submit link. you can also down load this for future use.

How to access apna khata in mobile?

Apna Khata can be accessible via mobiles both android and iPhones. One can download the application or view the mobile version of the website. Now you can easily see your land records using your mobile. we can down load the apna khata app from google play store in your mobile. after downloading it you can enter your khata number and can check from your mobile.


Since the website started, the use of this website is enormous. This website operates as a one stop destination for all the Land record services at a click from your laptop, computer or mobile phone. Various searches related to land revenue have been made available in this portal.

This Portal has now a named as Rajasthan apna khata. with the help of this bulekh yojana the farmers are benefited their time not spending a lot of time in revenue offices. sitting at home itself they can know all details regarding their lands. This is really helpful for all the citizens of India, particular the people of Rajasthan.

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