Great Andhra

Great Andhra:

Great Andhra is a web news portal which started on 2002 in California, USA.  This news portal contains the information on movies, political etc.  All the news information is getting updated from California, USA only.  It is very well known in Andhra Pradesh this portal gone famous in a short period of time.  The main reason of its success is due to the strength of its non-dependent editorial team and contributors.


This news portal has achieved much popularity from people living in India and other countries.

The specialty of this news portal is the updates and news it provides in the portal will be special and interesting.  It contains the latest information on Politics, Movies, Galleries, etc.  There are various set of users who likes to get the update on politics, some of them on movies and their reviews and others on the Galleries.  It is said that the news info are getting updated on this portal every 30 minutes.  This is a major highlight to let the users get the updated news every 30 minutes and up to date.

The other highlight of this portal is it has separate modules or tabs for latest news under the tab “LATEST” and trending news under the tab “TRENDS”.

Great Andhra web site originally comes in Telugu version but we also have a separate tab for “English” which translates the Telugu version in English for non-telugu viewers.

We all know that Telugu is the second largest speaking language in India.  And most of our Indians want the regular news updates on the go. So, as per their interest, Great Andhra had also launched App in Google Play Store as well as in Microsoft Store.

Great Andhra is now considered to be the No.1 Telugu Web site for politics and movies.  It also contains the E-paper content in the portal (  Even though this portal is considered to be the no.1, there are ups and downs in its reviews from the users.


It is said this news paper contents on politics shows the partiality on a particular political party or even it functions based on the caste variations.  Few say it as money minded, corrupted, biased etc. , but  still it is the famous news portal in Andhra Pradesh.  Few users have also commented the reviews as this portal gives fake news.

All the reviews about this “Great Andhra” portal can be seen in other websites like “”, “”, and “”.

Due to its popularity, the website had covered up completely with too many ads which are a negative point for the “Great Andhra” news portal.  The looks of this news portal will be displayed with too many ads in top, left and right page.  This shows the congested view of the portal.  It could have been good if the unwanted ads are removed from the portal.

Chief Editor

Venkat Arikatla is the Chief Editor of this news portal who holds the responsibility from California, USA.


There are many contributors for this news portal.  Below given are few.

  • Vedula Murthy – Sr. Film Journalist
  • Usha Choudary – Writer on Special Articles on Films and Life Style
  • Sreenivas – Senior Journalist for Political News and Gossips
  • Vakkantham Chandramouli – Astrologer provides Astrological advises to readers
  • MBSK Prasad – Freelance writer on Films and Politics
  • Nagender – Freelance journalist for Telugu political items

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