The Health & Family Welfare Department of the State Government has been vested with the duty of keeping and growing the fitness care machine in West Bengal. The WBHS is a state-level fitness insurance plan welfare scheme. This scheme started in the 12 months 2008. But in 2014, it underwent a revamp and got here to be acknowledged as the West Bengal Health for All Employees and Pensioners Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme. About 80% of the Government fitness care offerings to the residents are being furnished free of cost. It affords economic and managerial guidance for the primary fitness care help and infrastructural services at the rural level.

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Governments useful websites are reliable, affordable and updated. Surprisingly, though, many sites fall well behind today’s expectations and neglect the main objective: to represent the public well.

The most significant elements that indicate that WB HEALTH is the government website are:

  • USABILITY: meet the needs of the public
  • DESIGN: emphasize simplicity and preserve it
  • DEVELOPMENT: Make available, mobile and easy.
  • DATA DELIVERY: Intelligent, planned and centered
  • NAVIGATION: simple, deliberate and intuitive
  • MEDIA: Content-fitting and appealing
  • SHARING OF INFORMATION: integrative and shared information


Visiting www.wbhealth.gov.in will encourage you to access the Health and Family Welfare Government of West-Bengal. Where to enroll and register in the health system of West Bengal:

To start the enrollment and registration process, you can visit the website of the West Bengal Health Department. 

Then you can choose to enroll as a government employee, government pensioner, Grant-in-Aid College Beneficiaries and Grant-in-Aid University Beneficiaries from there. It also facilitates the registration of new hospitals. 

Here’s how you should enroll as an employee of the government:

  • Visit the Health Scheme Portal in West Bengal
  • From the header section, click on Online Enrollment and select Government Employee.
  • If you have a PRAN / GPF number, then check the Yes box and enter the details. If the specifics are missing, then check the NO box and pick Non-GPF.
  • Specify your residential district and birth date, personal details, office details, family details. Save the statistics to register in the WB Health Portal and click on subsequent for the further process.
  • Upload your signature and the photograph. Make sure that you abide by the defined dimensional laws.
  • Mention of the beneficiary’s information
  • Mention the details of the head office.
  • Save details for future reference, and print the report.


Here are the key aspects of the WBHS scheme:

  • OPD Treatment Reimbursement: The fee incurred at some point of the OPD cure is reimbursable, a problem to point out at the time of admission for the length of thirty days alongside with the period of thirty days after the discharge. The expenses are reimbursable, supplied the therapy is being achieved underneath the hospitals diagnosed through the scheme.
  • Non empanelled hospitals: In the case of non-empanelled hospitals, 60% of the real price or the authorized amount, whichever is much less can be claimed for the reimbursement. 80% of the actual fee or accredited fee is reimbursable the place the wide variety of beds in the sanatorium is extra than 80.
  • Cost of sure targeted investigations: The value of sure investigations as noted in the scientific Memo 10 are reimbursed solely on the OPD prescriptions using the docs consulted in the identified hospitals, or case the sickness investigation is carried out in the empanelled hospitals.
  • Reimbursement of remedy in sure Specialty Hospitals located outdoor the State:  The price of therapy is reimbursable, furnished the cure is completed inside the distinctive listing of hospitals falling outdoors the state. The genuine price of remedy which consists of the price of a trip alongside with one attendant is reimbursable.

Other features: –

  • The beneficiaries are furnished with a cashless card to be produced to the hospitals at the time of treatment.
  • The advantages for the current coverage holders stay the same, which is carried out with the assistance of the Government Authorized Agency that includes the addition process.
  • Reimbursement of the indoor cure ought to be claimed inside three months from the date of discharge.
  • A worker who has registered beneath the West Bengal Health Scheme can additionally declare advantages and shall be entitled to the advantages and amenities below West Bengal Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1964.


The West Bengal Health Scheme is managed by a healthcare unit established by the West Bengal Government Finance Department. In collaboration with the Department of Health and Family Welfare, this medical group was established to regulate and monitor the West Bengal Health Scheme. The medical cell issues its operating instructions. Thus, the field of the medical cell is extended considerably as the advisory body of the State government. Implantation procedures, activities, therapies, acceptance of various processes, staffing of hospitals, laboratories and clinics.

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