Banglarbhumi is a web portal. The state ministry of land records launched this portal for keeping land records and reforms. It is named as Banglarbhumi portal by West Bengal government. By using this portal, we can know the details of land and property such as the name of the owner of the land, how much land area, the value of that property.

What is Banglarbhumi?

Banglarbhumi which is also called as Bangla bhumi is west Bengal governments online portal for land and property records. It comes under the land reforms and refugee relief and rehabilitation department of state government. it also provides services such as:

  • Keeping a record of rights
  • Request for GNR
  • Mutation among others
  • Plot mapping request
  • Plot information request

Information available in Banglarbhumi:

               All the registered properties in west Bengal are recorded here. This website has information on all the properties or lands in west Bengal which has been registered. it has nearly 42,159 localities and 4.30 crore plots.

It is really helpful to anyone who wanted to buy the properties. We can check property details by visiting this site to get precise information.

When you buy a property, it should be signed by a buyer and the seller. This is called registration once it got registered you will find the new owner of the property legally. By paying the requested fees, you need to register this property under the government records. Once it got registered by the government, it will be recorded in banglar bhumi.

It also contains other details like:

  • Name of the department
  • Services for the citizens
  • Land distribution
  • Rent controller
  • Details of the update procedure we can quickly check the location it is in digitalized form
  • State land use board

Is Banglarbhumi a government web site?

Yes, banglar bhumi a government website launched by West Bengal government to keep records of land and property details.

Important details of Banglarbhumi is as below:

Name: Banglarbhumi
Objective: to digitalize land and property records
Launched by: government of west Bengal
Beneficiaries: residents of west Bengal alone

How to access Banglarbhumi website:

If you need to access the Banglarbhumi website follow the below guidelines:

  • One can Visit the site of Banglarbhumi by typing the URL: in the address bar of the browser.
  • After visiting this site, there is a sign in and sign up option to sign in for existing user and signup or register for new user. You can provide the details request in order to get it registered in this portal.

Those who want to sign up in banglar bhumi need to fill the form like:

  • Name
  • Guardian name
  • Address
  • Municipality
  • Email
  • Password
  • district

After filling all the details, you need to confirm your email id by OTP sent to your mobile phone. So, you have to keep your email id active and need to check otp when it comes immediately. Also, confirm the password by typing again, after entering all the information, you need to enter the captcha code correctly when it comes to the screen. Click the submit tab and then the process comes to an end. You will be registered in to the portal successfully.


 As west Bengal is a most populated country, this Banglarbhumi portal is beneficial in keeping the property records correctly and safely. So, while registering the property, one needs to submit all the details correctly or else the government will reject it. This is a natural process anyone can log in to it and know his/her land records quickly from a click on mobile or PC or Laptop.

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