Beauty Parlour – Beauty Parlour at home


Beauty Parlour – Beauty Parlour at home:

We all know that the beauty tips can be provided from the Home remedies.  We have many such products in our daily uses like Honey, Milk, Turmeric, Lemon, Curd or Yoghurt.  Even the vegetables or their skin is used as a beauty product. So, thinking what you can do with these? The straight answer to you is, you can open a small Beauty Parlour at home for you, and your family.

Beauty Parlour

The home remedies available with natural ingredients not only help you develop your fairness and skin tone, but also it protects you from the chemicals and other products that other outside Parlour use.

Natural Ingredients for your Beauty Parlour at home:

               Now, let us see what are those natural ingredients that you can use to prepare a best possible Parlour like effect using these through a natural way. We all know that many beauty products in retail or online shops will define its ingredients as the natural ones but there are many chemicals added along with those natural items. It is better to use our own natural home items to make a beauty product.

Below given are few such combinations gives you the beauty tips. Aloe vera and Cucumber are also the useful at all times: Let us see what are the other combinations we can have:

Honey & Milk

               Honey is such a product that acts as a best antibacterial agent that glows our skin by fading the scars and pigmentation.  Using Honey with milk gives you the best fairness product for dry skin persons as it moisturizes the skin.  Mixture of both milk and honey to be rubbed in the skin and left it dry and to be rinsed after 15 minutes.  This gives the user a best home remedy for glowing skin.

Beauty Parlour

Turmeric & Yoghurt

In old generations, people especially ladies use turmeric to apply on their face ‘coz it gives you the softness and avoid unwanted hairs in face.  They used to apply even on their body during the bath.  Turmeric powder will be a best combination with Yoghurt or lemon juice for the users of Oily skins.  One teaspoon of Yoghurt can be mixed with a teaspoon of Turmeric powder and applied all over the face.  After 15 minutes, user can apply water and massage the skin gently before rinsing.

Beauty Parlour

Potato & Honey

               Potato will also do a great job with Honey to give you a fair skin.  We need to grate the potato and a teaspoon of Honey to be added with it.  The mixture to be applied all over the face and can be left for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing.  People sometimes use Rose water along with this combination for better results.

Beauty Parlour

Cucumber & Rose Water

Cucumber and rose water have cooling effects. during this summer this is the best mask for our face. Take some cucumber juice and mix it with rose water and apply on your face and wash this with cold water after 10 mins it soothes the brown and red spotted akin.

Beauty Parlour

So, you are still confused of doing all these stuff at your home at your convenience? No, Worries, for the people like you, there are companies which provide home services for Beauty parlour at your convenience. We are going to see some of the top companies in your city, which provide Beauty Parlour at Home services.

Benefits of Beauty Parlour at Home Services:

Beauty Parlour at Home services help us to save time and no need to travel much distance. There are so many companies now a days that offers Beauty Parlour at home services, but we have chose you best among them so that you can read and know about them, before you order their services.

The Main importancce of Beauty Parlour at Home services arises during weddings, during those times we face a major problem going to parlour which is far away from your place. Beauty Parlour at home services avoid such hassles and provide all the parlour like services right at your home.  

Beauty Parlour

Companies that Provides Beauty Parlour at home services:

The Companies provides these services are very well professional and they do our beauty related services like make ups, etc. in a relaxed way. we can see the quality of products they use. They do the service in a relaxed way without any hassles.

The companies that provide Beauty Parlour at Home services are

  • House Joy
  • Urban Clap
  • Zappy
  • Get look beauty service.

House joy: House joy is certified home saloon with highly experienced beauticians. They are up to date on the latest styles and make up including grooming services, which satisfies this generation ladies. Their services are easily available at your fingertips. They provide facial, make up, hair style, waxing, manicure, pedicure and spa etc.

Beauty Parlour
Image Credits: House Joy

Urban clap: This is one of the leading companies which provides its services excellently. In most beauty Parlour services are done in rushed way so as to attend many customers. But, here, this difficulty is overcome by urban clap. They do their service without any discomfort at any time. They do waxing, make up, hair styles, pedicure, manicure, facials etc.

Beauty Parlour
Image Credits: UrbanClap

Zappy home service Parlour:  This company provides all type of make ups, hair styles, threading, done at home at your convenience.  This company has Parlour services that are excellent one which provides products that are ayurvedic and bridal make ups are yet to be started by them.

Beauty Parlour
Image Credits: Zappy

Get look beauty service: This get look home beauty service is like online shopping at one click we can appoint the experienced beauticians at home. This service provides the quality we need as we spend in highly budgeted beauty parlous. Get look provides all types of make ups, spa, body care, etc. at your door step.

Beauty Parlour
Image Credits: Getlook

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Hope our short article on Beauty Parlour – Beauty Parlour at home helped you in understanding the importance of Home made Beauty enhancements on your skin and health. Please note that while preparing and applying the said face packs or mixtures, please be sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, if you are allergic we request you strictly not use them.