MAHADISCOM, which means Maharashtra state electricity distribution limited or also known as MSEDCL, is controlled by the government of Maharashtra. This is the largest electricity board in distribution in India. MAHADISCOM distributes power to state of Maharashtra, and for some places in parts of Mumbai. It is the second largest in Asia after SGCC. It started on 6 June 2005.


               MAHADISCOM is an electricity board which supplies electricity to Maharashtra. It provides power to 25 million consumers across MAHADISCOM. All over Maharashtra this is distributed among other categories like

  • Domestic residential – 72.4%
  • Agriculture – 16 %
  • Commercial -7%
  • Industrial consumers -1.8%

The sources of power include thermal, hydro, gas and non-conventional sources like solar, wind and biogas, etc. across hydropower

What is the information available in mahadiscom?

               MAHADISCOM, which supplies electricity to the whole state of Maharashtra, has a workforce of 76,000 employees. This force is the company’s real asset, and this asset is given importance in the company. It has enough(four)training centers. Now this company is recently equipped well, and the training centers are increased to 25 and provided training to the staff. Twenty thousand employees are taken every year, and from a refresher, professional, and HR training. Safety first training is given to the employees regularly.

 Is MAHADISCOM a government website?

Yes, this is a government website controlled by the Government of Maharashtra.

  • Parent Control: government of Maharashtra.
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra India.
  • Area served:3.08 lakhs sq. km
  • Industry: electricity distribution

How to access mahadiscom?     

Mahadiscom has started a self-service called WSS web self-service. It is a self-service solution for all the consumers online and can pay bills, raise or track your requests online. We can avail of this service by just merely registering as per the directions on the website.

  • To register to select the new user registration helpdesk
  • Important projects:
    • Infra plan: The total turn-key of 119DPRs is implementing the project. This project leads in the extended substations, HT lines and the number of transformers has been increased.
    • Load management: Mahadiscom has implemented a load management scheme to reduce the load shedding, which has come down to 2 to 5 hours. the cost of the project is 3233 crores.
    • Rajiv Gandhi gramin vidhutikarn yojana: Under this scheme, connections to 905541 BPL households have been released, and 4243 villages have been electrified under this scheme. At a nominal charge of rs.15/-with 1.5-point power.

               And some other schemes like

  • Mahila bachat gat: Mahila bachat gat is a women’s self-helping group, helping poor and needy women. so, for this MSEDCL or MAHADISCOM helps by allowing distributing electricity bills. with the help of this, many poor women find an increase in their earnings.
  • Empowering women employees: MSEDCL or MAHADISCOM provides jobs like DAMINI PATHAK. An unexpected visit to check the photometers in their area between 10 am to 4 pm. the squads are working satisfactorily, and the work is encouraging.

Achievements of MSEDCL or MAHADISCOM:

Previously farmers are issued their applications and waited for years for connection. Now MSEDCL or MAHADISCOM has given many links to the pumps. 30 lakh pumps are energized.

  • Loss reduction: Loss is also reduced by so many drives like
  • Meter shifting:  many people are changing the meter readings. so, to reduce these theft methods the government ordered to shift the meter in front of the building
    • Antitheft drive: the government has appointed squads to check power theft cases quickly.
    • Project related to Mass Meter Replacement: MSEDCL or MAHADISCOM has changed all the electromechanical meters to static meters.
    • Energy counting: MSEDCL or MAHADISCOM has undertaken energy counting through feeder meeting, DTC metering, distribution franchise.


MSDECL or MAHADISCOM has a significant impact on people. It provides electricity to people. and the connections have been increased in rural areas. the theft problems are reduced a lot. the power shedding is decreased too. With the payment of bills through WSS, people pay bills quickly without wasting time in electricity offices. the doubts regarding the bill payment and other issues are cleared through WSS.

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