Today we are going to take you through quick review of Priasoft. A dedicated software which is centralized and is used by three levels of Panchayati Raj. This is developed by NIC, Ministry of IT.


It is a accounting software. This software is a centralized one and is being used by three levels of Panchayati Raj, Namely Zilla, Block and Village Panchayats. It maintains all the panchayat raj institutions’ accounts, i.e., the inflow (receipts) and outflow (expenditure). It means panchayat raj institution accounting software.

Image Credits: Priyasoft

What is Priasoft?

It is developed by National Informatics center, Ministry of Information Technology. It is used by Panchayat Raj Institutions. The proper functioning of the accounting procedure. Priasoft captures the four-tire classification and generates all the reports in the formats prescribed by the subcommittee on budget and accounting standards for PRIS.

How to access Priasoft?

If you have queries related to accessing the Priasoft, we are going to detail you with points that will help you accessing the Priasoft easily. To access Priasoft, following the below instructions:

  • Download the Priasoft web application.
  • click create a user to open the form.
  • select a specific user by a radio button.
  • select any one of the roles.
  • There will be drop down, from where you can select the Accounting entity level.
  • select specific against the Scheme.
  • From the list of scheme available to the user one can select the value central or state

For actual data entry, one should go to the website

The information available in Priasoft:

Ever wonder, what type of information is available on Priasoft? No worries,we are going to provide you detailed information on the type of information available in Priasoft and the use of it. Following information is available in Priasoft:

  • C&AG compliance: the central and state board schemes are mapped at the subhead level to facilitate under each Scheme.
  • Opening balance: this is a one-time entry for all the subsequent years, the software would automatically generate it. Here scheme wise opening balance can be specified by the PRI for the first financial year.
  • Double-entry cash basis system: in this, both the credits and debits are entered for a transaction. It is user friendly, and both the receivables and payables are recorded.
  • Work case record: it gives the details of the work like expenditure in work and advances in the work.
  • Technical architecture support: based on open source technologies, it supports interoperation with data exchange with other PES family products.
  • Transparency: the accounting data of all PRIS are available in this centralized online system.
  • Local languages: it supports local languages to work efficiently in their languages.
  • Availability: this software is available on a 24*7 basis with authentic login.

Is Priasoft a government website?

Most of us have question that, is Priasoft a government website. Yes, pria soft is a government web site. And these include

  • comptroller and auditor general.
  • Village panchayat user.
  • village panchayat administrator.
  • 4.zilla panchayat user.
  • 5.zilla panchayat administrator.
  • 6.state auditor general.

The minimum requirements for Priasoft installation are an internet connection, internet explorer6.0 or chrome or mozilla firefox latest versions. one needs to type the web address in the address bar of the website with out any mistakes in order to access the priasoft.


The Priasoft is an easy and user-friendly software used by all states for accounting. It creates a chartable and scalable accounting system. it has accomplished the strengthening of accounts of panchayat raj. this provides multilingual support and adapts variations across states. It is beneficial in banks, post offices, treasury, and period-end procedures. It gives essential alerts to the mobile itself. It has offline voucher entry too.

Hope our article is helpful to understand and know about importance of Priasoft. All the information provide in this article is for information only. If you feel the information is in violation of copyright policies or rights, Please email We will review your request and act accordingly.