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Suma Cart Multipurpose Fibre Double Sided Cleaning Brush for Car AC Vent|Car Cleaning|Blinds/Computer Laptop...

This Suma Cart high quality multipurpose cleaning brush for Car, surface, Home and Office for cleaning various surfaces. It comes with high quality micro-fibre cloth which gives your car a super clean effect. With its micro-fibre cloth and revolutionery technique, It reaches to those places where cleaning is impossible and make your car super clean and hygenic. It also has a brush which can be used in many places to remove the dust and make the surface clean. This brush is detachable, so it is easy to store in car's dashboard, office table drawer and home's store.
Fibre cloth, high quality material, washable, detachable, Multipurpose cleaning brush
For AC vent Cleaning
For Laptop Cleaning
For Mobile phones and Tablets cleaning
Multipurpose for Car, Office and Home cleaning
electronic items

SiCoast Combo | Universal 15.6 Inch Keyboard Dust Skin Cover | 3 in 1...

SiCoast combo of cleaning kit and keyboard cover. The cleaning kit combes with a liquid spray bottle, microfiber cloth and a dust brsh. Using the cleaning kit a variety of electronic gadgets can be cleaned like Laptop and tv screens, CD's. The transparent keyboard cover protects your laptop from dust and water related damages.
Cleaning kit consists of 100ml cleaning liquid spray bottle, microfiber cloth for dust cleaning and dust removal brush. Keyboard cover is suitale for all 15.6 inch laptop models.
Cleaning kit can be safely used to clean electronic items like Laptops, TV, smartphones, cameras, consoles, LCDs, DSLR.
The keyboard cover offers protection from dust also from liquid spills. It's easy to install remove and even wash if it gets dirty.
electronic items

Jakmister 600 W, 70 Miles/Hour Electric Air Blower Dust Cleaner Blower For Cleaning Dust...

Product Description SPN-VAFSCSPN-VAFSC SPN-VAFSC dust cleaner and vaccum cleanerSPN-VAFSC dust cleaner and vaccum cleaner SPN-VAFSC SPN-VAFSC

About this item

High-Quality Cleaner for You: The 600W motor blows out high volume air that helps you clean all dust and dirt effectively. This JAKMISTER Air blower Is made up of very high quality unbreakable material.. Moreover It has 600 watt motor which gives a very high air flow.This blower is also suitable for industrial use. This blower can be used as an air blower for car, air blower cleaner for home, air blower and sucker, air blower for computer, air blower and suction cleaner for home, air blower dusting, dust cleaner for car, dust cleaner for home. SPN-VAFSC vaccum cleanerSPN-VAFSC vaccum cleaner SPN-VAFSCSPN-VAFSC
Unbreakable Body: Designed with a robust and durable construction, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Sparkless Technology: Incorporates advanced technology to prevent sparks, enhancing safety during operation.
100% Copper Motor: Equipped with a copper motor, the blower offers reliability, efficiency, and longevity.
Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from cleaning to industrial tasks.
Efficient Airflow: Provides effective and rapid air blowing to tackle various cleaning and drying needs.

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