Patta Chitta


Patta Chitta

8. Introduction:

Patta is a land revenue record of ownership of land, which is maintained at the taluk office. It contains ownership details of all landowners. Chitta means it is an extract from Patta which has ownership details of all landholders. Patta is a must to buy land. It confirms you are the owner of the property. You can buy the land without Patta at your own risk. But during registration, Patta is compulsory to verify you are the owner of the land. 

7. What is land Patta?

Patta is a document that comprises the legal owner of the land, and it is referred to as ‘record of rights. ‘you can’t tell you are the owner of the property unless you have a Patta. Patta has the details of the owner of the land and features of the area, i.e., size in four directions and its address. Nowadays, your Patta is also famous in apartments; it is called joint Patta.

6. How can I get a Patta for my land?

Just log onto the Patta website. It will be available in both English and Tamil languages. You enter the taluk and village and type your name there and property-related details and submit the form. after the submission, you can get a certificate from the land survey of your town with the property details.

5. What is the information available in Patta Chitta?

Now, we are going to list information available in Patta Chitta online portal of government website. Chitta is an extract from Patta which contains details of the land and the landowner. It has the ownership details of the person of the property. it has details like

  • Village, taluk, the district where the land is
  • Landowners name
  • Patta number
  • Survey number with subdivision details

4.  How to access Patta Chitta online:

Now, we are going to list you step by step process to access the Patta Chitta online. Users can now follow these steps when ever they have to access the Patta Chitta from the online government porta. Hope these steps are very clear and understandable to everyone who is going to access the portal:

  • Step 1: Go to Patta Chitta web site
  • Step 2: Select view Patta and FMB, Chitta TSLR extract
  • Step 3: Details of the property
  • Patta Chitta from town survey register.
  • It can be applied online at the cost of Rs 100.

3. Can Patta can be transferred online?

Patta, which is the ownership details issued by the government to your land. We can apply Patta, but we can’t transfer it online to any other person. for doing this, we have to go to the taluk office.

2. Why is Patta required?

Patta is an essential document for both the vacant land as well as the apartment and individual buildings. It is a lawful document given by the government confirming you are the owner of the property. It includes all details of land like the building is commercial or residential etc.It gives the size of the property in all directions.

1.  Conclusion:

Patta Chitta is a legal document issued by Tamilnadu government for the real landowners of the property. It is an essential document for any individual landowner or real estate owner to avoid any illegal affairs. It saves from being trapped in legal matters and losing the property. You can document in ten minutes using the official online portal of government.

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