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Inverter AC – Top 3 Inverter AC in 2020

Inverter AC

Inverter AC – Top 3 Inverter AC in 2020

               When it comes to summer, the first question we all ask is to have good AC which not only chills the temperature but also save power and electricity bills. Yes, it is summer 2020 starting now, and again demand for best Air conditioners (AC’s) are on a high note.

          Let us now, first understand what is inverter ac and what is non inverter ac:

What is an Inverter Air Conditioner (Inverter AC)?

When we talk about Inverter air conditioner (AC), it has a compressor motor of variable speed which adjusts the flow of refrigerant inside the unit which controls the cooling. It also has a sensor with variable-frequency which controls the speed of the motor compressor to regulate the flow inside the unit, this ensures right amount of cooling is produced.

What is a Non-Inverter Air Conditioner?

Whereas a non-inverter air conditioner has a fixed speed motor compressor, which has to switch off a switch on at regular intervals when desired temperature is reached. It runs with whole lot of noise and consumes much electricity.

To help you better evaluate the best AC’s for you this summer, we have bring to you detailed analysis on Inverter AC – Top 3 Inverter AC in 2020. Below are the top 3 Inverter ac available in the market for summer 2020:

  • Voltas 1.2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC
  • LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC
  • Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Let us now discuss in detail about these:

Voltas 1.2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC:

               Voltas is a Tata Product. It has made it presence and likes of customers are more as it is a desi product. It has been a trusted brand over the years with great product support and excellent warranty conditions, which wins the trust of the customer.

               Voltas 1.2. Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC is an IC512DATU Model, with white color and full copper. Below are the features of this product:

  • It is a 1.2 Ton split Inverter AC
  • It has an energy rating of 3 star
  • Its coms with 5-year comprehensive manufacturer warranty
  • It has a full copper condenser coil for better cooling and requires very low maintenance
  • It has features like LED Display
  • It has features like Intelligent Sleep Mode
  • It has features like Self Diagnosis
  • It has an auto-restart features
  • It has a timer option
  • It comes with R-32 Refrigerant type

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC

                              LG being a leading electrical and electronics manufacturer made a great presence in the Air conditioner segment as well. This product of LG is of 1.5 Ton with 5 Star energy saving Inverter split AC bearing model number: Q18HNZD.

  Below are the product specifications:

  • This is a Split AC with capacity of 1.5 ton
  • It has Air circulation (In/Out)
  • It comes with features like Auto Restart
  • It has an Energy Rating of 5 Star
  • It has Power Supply consumption of 220-240 volts
  • It comes with 1-year brand warranty on product and 10-year warranty on compressor with gas charging.
  • It has features like dual inverter
  • It comes with 100 percent copper with protection of Ocean Black
  • It has High grooved copper and active energy control
  • It has features like low refrigerant detection

Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

               Blue Star is very well-known brand in manufacturing air conditioner electronics. Blue star is releasing elegant design with technological advancement air conditioners in the market. This product is Blue Star with capacity of 1 Ton and having 5-Star energy saving inverter split air conditioner. Below are the features of this product.

  • It is a Split Air conditioner
  • It has capacity of 1 ton
  • It comes with Energy saving Rating of 5 Star
  • It comes with 1-year Warranty on product
  • It also comes with 1-year warranty on condenser and 10 years on compressor
  • It comes with Precision Cooling Technology (0.5oC)
  • It has Dual Rotor Inverter Technology
  • It comes with Brushless DC Motor
  • It has features like Climate Control
  • It comes with self-clean technology
  • It comes with self-diagnosis feature
  • It has Dual User Setting Preference
  • It has features like iFeel

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