How to vote India


How to vote India:


How to vote India– Vote which means we, i.e. every citizen of India, has every right to select the leader of our country. After India got independence on August, 15th of 1947, there has been constitution which we have been framed. Indian Constitution helps all of the citizens to perform our duties and in our country.  There have been general elections which were held in the year 1951 and 1952.

How to vote:

How to vote India – Any Indian citizen who has completed the age of 18 and residing in India can register as a general voter. There are few requirements which should be met

  1. Should be an Indian citizen.
  2. As on January of the revision of the electrols, he or she should have completed the age of 18.
  3. It would help if you were the resident of the polling area where you want to be enrolled.
  4. If anyone of this is not there, you are disqualified for the general voter.
  5. After enrolling as a voter, you can find the name and address of your polling station from the polling slip provided.
  6. You can find this from the website of election commission of India (
  7. You can click on the tabs by ‘polling stations maps ‘on the ECI website.
  8. On selecting your state and polling area, you can find a pin dropped on the map for each polling station.
  9. On clicking on the ppin, you can find the phone numbers of all officers.

Information availability on How to Vote:

How to vote India – We can vote if and only if our name is present in electoral (voter list). We can find the information in polling booths like election dates, polling candidates, date & timings etc. …

You can verify your name in the voter list by

  1. Logging onto electoral
  2. One can dial the voter helpline 1950 (add your STD code when required).
  3. You can download voter helpline app.
  4. You can also send SMS by typing SMS <ECI>space<EPIC NO> to 1950
How to vote India

Process of Voting in Polling Station:

How to vote India

  1. The polling officer sitting at the polling booth, will mandatorily check the voter list and your ID proof.
  2. The Polling officer then will apply ink on your finger and take signature and will provide a slip.
  3. Be sure, to carry a ID proof, which you are asked to show to prove your identity.
  4. By selecting the candidate, you need to vote you have to press the ballot button and you can hear a beep sound.
  5. There is an option available for NOTA, which can be used, when you do not have option to poll for right candidate that you may like.

Please check the voter guide points to take care when voting: 

  • You have to the ID cards properly it can be like your voter ID, driving license, passport, pan card, smart card or passbook issued by the bank, Aadhaar card, or pension document with a photograph.
  • Documents such as electricity bill, ration card rental or ownership documents of house or flat will not be accepted.
  • Press the button properly you need to vote.
  • Don’t move away wait for the beep sound and the VVPAT slip or your vote.
  • For further information you can download the app SUGAMYA MOBILE APPLICATION, you can book a free a ride in this app and return will be till 4 pm on the app.
  • Each polling booth has a list if your name is missing in the list you are not supposed to vote.
  • According to the rules you cannot carry mobile phones, laptops, cameras inside the polling booth.


How to vote India– A vote is a valuable right of every citizen to select the right candidate for our country. So, every citizen should register his vote .in our India though the election commission is very strict the number of votes registered are still low. Many of them are not knowing the importance of the vote; they are wasting their rights. Though our government is strict in electronic voting, still there are bogus votes. Our government should take care of this wrongdoings and help people in selecting the right candidate.

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