Every year in India, more than thirty billion students are writing competitive exams. So, they find it challenging to prepare for these competitive exams at home. So, they choose to go to offline courses and tuitions. To overcome this difficulty, many companies started to give coaching online. One such company is GRADEUP.

               Grade stack learning Pvt. Ltd is the company which came up with Gradeup website and application for mobile, which is the best learning platform for the students who are preparing for different entrance exams like BANK, NEET, JEE, GATE, CTET, SSC, TEACHING, UPSC, ENGINEERING, MBA entrance exams. This Gradeup app is a free app to install and browse. It contains loads of content related to previous year question papers, theories and educational content. Some content and exams are paid and need to be paid subscription. We can ask our doubts, practice questions, and we can discuss our ideas with other students as well through community interaction with this website or app.

What is Gradeup?

Gradeup is an app started in august 2012 by Shobit Bhatnagar, Sanjeev Kumar and Vibhu Bhushan. Gradeup is the largest and best platform in India for the students who are preparing for the competitive exams. The main aim of the Gradeup app is to create a good future for the students who are preparing for the competitive exams by providing a lot of information about how to prepare for the exams and a lot of question papers regarding the previous year exams and its evaluated answer papers.

Gradeup founder and CEO is Shobit Bhatnagar who provided new methods, products and services for preparing through this app, and as per the latest news of what we have, he may introduce many regional competitive exams in upcoming years.

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What is the information available in Gradeup?

Best app for those who are writing competitive exams. In this one series is there, which is called Gradeup series in which it gives a real exam feel and it provides the confidence to write the main exam. This Gradeup encourages and makes the preparation fun by providing Gradeup coins.

Gradeup coins is an excellent encouragement for the preparators in which for every correct answer you will get a coin. With these coins, you can judge how prepared are you in each subject. These Gradeup coins can be used for a discount in the test series of different exams.

They introduce three types of Gradeup users.

  • The silent reader: these persons only want to prepare for the exam and reads the comments of all and remain calm.
  • Social butterfly: these social butterfly wants to answer the doubts asked by others and want to post their questions to be solved by others.
  • Competitive quizzer: these persons intend to show off their scores when they got high.

The main features of Gradeup are:

  • It informs the exam dates and gives the notification of all the competitive exams.
  • It provides previous years of study materials.
  • It also offers G.K updates.
  • It conducts daily quizzes conducts live doubts session by well-trained experts.
  • There are mentors for the exams; these people will help in preparing for the exam.

 How to access Gradeup?

Gradeup app is installed by downloading any android stimulator; by using this, you can download Gradeup the app. Blue stack stimulator is best to download along with this app. If you have any doubts or want to discuss anything regarding competitive exams you can contact support@


GRADEUP is an online course website, which gives training and preparation for those who are preparing for government exams. Many are finding it easy to prepare for exams in this app and secure to download the app. But still only a few are taking benefit of this because of the prices of the mobile data and some find it difficult to get internet.

Some are finding it difficult to access as it’s a new concept, and they need some time to get used to new technology and applications.  Many of them don’t know about this free app through which they can learn at home rather than spending a considerable amount of fees for tuitions.

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