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Governance in India – A Handbook for Civil Services Examination

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Governance in India – A Handbook has been written for the aspirants of Civil Services Examination. It will also help the students in the preparation of various state services examinations.
Starting from the basic concepts of the governance, the book covers various aspects of administration, civil services and development authorities in India. It delves deep into the various facets of the governance in India, including regulatory and quasi-judicial bodies, NGOs and pressure groups, poverty and hunger. The book also deals with the issues related to vulnerable groups, health and education. Each chapter is provided with questions of the previous years’, asked in the Civil Services Examination, along with their solutions.
Key features
• Covers various aspects of governance and administration in India
• Provides salient features of regulatory and quasi-judicial institutions
• Provides insights on the issues of vulnerable groups like Women, Children, Senior Citizens and Minorities
• Explains the problems related to Health and Education in India
• Provides chapter-wise compilation of previous years’ questions, along with their model answer
• Provides diagrams, flowcharts and mind-maps for better understanding
• Mapped to the syllabus of the UPSC
• Also useful for various state services examinations
•Useful for both preliminary and main examinations

The book has been written in a simple and lucid language. Illustrations, flowcharts and diagrams have been provided to facilitate the better understanding of the topics.

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