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What to consider when choosing a proxy?

What to consider when choosing a proxy?

A proxy server is a remote computer that acts as a link between the user’s computer and a resource on the Internet. Its main task is to receive and transmit all requests to the site to be accessed. Thus, the proxy server can change the country, IP-address and region. Proxy servers can be paid or free. Therefore, when choosing, you should definitely take into account the performance, as well as whether the proxy is suitable for the necessary parameters.

Paid or free proxy?

Some people prefer free proxy servers, believing that they do not differ from the paid options. But in reality, this is completely wrong. Free proxies are unstable, and also create a lot of inconveniences, which are reflected in the form of low connection speeds, downloads and outages. If you need a proxy that is particularly stable, it is recommended to choose the paid option. For example, Proxy-Seller.com offers to purchase proxies from different countries at a bargain price.

In all respects, a paid proxy server has more advantages. Indeed, upon purchase, the reliability of its performance is guaranteed. When choosing a proxy from a reliable provider, you can read important information, as well as make sure that a paid proxy is really much better than a free option. This is especially important if stable operation of the proxy server is required.

Private or shared proxy?

There are private and public proxy servers. A private proxy differs in that when used, one or more IP addresses are given, which can only be used by one user. Shared proxies allow multiple people to use the same IP at the same time. It should be noted that the cost of shared proxies is much lower than that of private ones. It is recommended to choose just individual proxies, since this eliminates the risk that the resource will be blocked due to excessive activity from one IP.

Static or Dynamic?

A proxy server can be static and dynamic. When choosing a static proxy, the user receives a pool of IP addresses that will not change until the entire period of the purchased service expires.

Dynamic proxies differ in that there is a periodic change in IP during use. If the addresses are blocked by the site during operation, this IP can no longer be used. In this case, it is recommended to give preference to a dynamic proxy. Indeed, when changing the pool, you can get new addresses that have not yet been banned by the resource.

Given the various parameters, you can choose a suitable proxy server that will meet all the requirements. The main thing is to choose a reliable company that will provide quality services.

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