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The right cake for the right mood

The right cake for the right mood:

The right cake for the right mood

After a hectic day of all “food for thought”, don’t you sometimes want a “thought for good”. While you decode this crazy sentence with an empty stomach, we have another one coming. Keep solving this riddle and read on. Think of the time you woke up today in the morning and thought of ways to say no to going to your workplace. Or remember if you thought of another day of online classes. Even going to photoshoots in Mumbai is a daunting task and stays less passionate and more workaholic when done every day. You know how on social media one says ‘I am a mood’, well grumpy, hungry people are actually a mood, even more, with their daily work cycle. While venting out and blaming people, spending time on social media or even calling a friend is helpful, some me-time with honestly delicious cakes is also not a bad idea. Like Monica Geller once said and I quote ” I could show this cake some good time”, it’s time for you to get a room with your delicious cake after a tiresome day. 

Hoping that you solved the riddle by an empty stomach person up top, let’s begin with suggesting to you some cake flavours you will love, and that will satisfy your hunger and mood in true sense. You already have a reason to order cake in Mumbai, we are just making you identify it and do something about it by selecting your moody cake. 

Nutella cheesecake 

The famous or actually infamous Nutella cheesecake, the rich and costly one after a day of unrecorded and unappreciated hard work is Godsend. Well, done with the hard work for the day, it’s time to do some smart work and order this cake. It is cheesy, crumbly, sweet, dripping and makes you want to close your eyes and get lost with it in the world of cakes. 

Mint cake

After a day that made you want to sleep almost every single second, the mint cake is your saviour. It’s refreshing, eye-opening and even comes with a taste of chocolate to complement the grind, giving the taste of newness and keeping you comfortable and cosy with the original taste of chocolate. 

Pineapple cake

After a day of pretending to be someone you are not in a client meeting or a day at the art gallery, it’s time to get back to the basics with a plain pineapple cake. And before you get lost bluffing to be someone you are not, it’s wise to return back to the planet you created yourself in your bedroom with your jammies and friends. 

Dark chocolate cake

After the day of your fifth date where everything was supposed to go well and hopefully one step forward, a dark chocolate cake is the only way out. If the date went well, good enough if not just calm and soothe yourself with a dark chocolate cake creamy and crumbly in texture. And anyways you know who runs the world girls. 

Strawberry cake

The day that makes you want to cry out because it’s so outstandingly mundane that you do nothing new and even fail at what you have been for time difficult to recall, a strawberry cake is your buddy. It’s foamy cream, and sweet bread, subtle, friendly pink colour and nice differentiation from vanilla and chocolate are the real deal. 

Coffee cake

After a day that you didn’t get to sleep for a respectable, well-deserved time, have a coffee cake. It is sweet yet bitter, chocolaty yet vanilla. I am not really sure how to describe it in words but as one friend to another try a coffee cake and watch the ‘stars in the daylight effect’ it will have on you. 

Red velvet cake

Your crush didn’t say I Love you back to you, your boyfriend was cheating on you, or if you can’t stop missing your ex, without thinking for another second get a red velvet cake. And who’s to judge if you get it in a heart shape too. And we will call the red crumbs “love cupids”, won’t we?

Leaving you with seven prominent cake flavours with more dominating moods, hope to catch you in a good mood sometime later. And don’t worry whatever it is, remind them you may need a good cry, you may need to sleep for a while, but you will always come back stronger. Yes, I got that from social media, but isn’t it so true? 


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