June 12, 2024
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Spice it up Multipurpose Pack of 1 Keyboard Pc Dust Cleaning Cleaner Slime Gel...

Product Description car cleaner gelcar cleaner gel Multipurpose Use GelMultipurpose Use Gel

Multifunctional Cleaning Gel

Everyone wants a tidy and clean office/work environment without dust, then you may need this office dust cleaning gel. It will remove all the dust from your keyboard, calculator, desk, and printer.Tired of dirt on the fan and air conditioner, the dust on your table and sofa, or the debris in your drawer? Go for this cleaning gel.We all love pet, at the same time we are quite bothered with your beloved puppy or kitten hair. Now you need this cleaning gel, it provided an easy way to remove these hairs, just roll around.

AC Vent cleaner

AC Vent cleaner

car interior Cleaner

car interior Cleaner

electronic gadget cleaner gel

electronic gadget cleaner gel keyboard cleanerkeyboard cleaner

Product Description

Are you still worrying about your car cleaning?

No way to clean the air vent covered with thick dust?

Computer keyboard keys aperture stains and dust to clean up, these seem to have to carefully place, often let our cleaning job notstart.

Let our Cleaning Gel putty take care of your troubles! The keyboard cleaning gel putty is also a wonderful dust off duster for your electronics products.


1.Taking out with dry hands,knead detailing cleaning gel a few times.

2.Press slightly onto the surface you need and then pull cleaning putty up slowly, the dust would be carried away.

3.After use, put it back in the jar and store it in a cool and dry place.

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