Sony PlayStation 5 2020


Sony PlayStation 5 2020

So it looks like in 2020 we’re going to be getting two new consoles the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox two I think it’s called project scarlet or Xbox scarlet That’s what everyone’s calling it, but I think it’s safe to say they’re going to go with a completely different name I want to talk about both consoles today while playing advanced warfare for the Xbox 360. So, let’s go find a game I just felt like excel clowning today. It was between this or infinite warfare So I had to go to superior game man.

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Sony PlayStation 5 2020

This map looks so great You guys seen how great this map looks look at that I honestly think I’ve taken shits that look better than that, but getting completely off-topic All the information about the PlayStation 5 in the Xbox Scarlet is very interesting as far as it goes for next-gen consoles for 2020 It’s starting to get really interesting because there’s more details coming out. We’re starting to get more information about specs We’re starting to learn more about the controllers. Well, at least as far as it goes for Sony so weird Hopping off right now.

 Oh, my yeah, we got a quad laser now backing Oh my Wow, there’s so much delay on the kills, it’s so bad. Yeah right next to me I’ve got a list of like all the specs for the console so far as far as it goes for the processor and the GPU The RAM and the max output resolutions and framerates that they have so far It’s pretty similar since they’re both very competitive in that respect.

I don’t think it’s going to really matter too much Both consoles are saying that they can support 8k at 120 fps whether or not that’s native or not We’ll have to wait and see but there is this one thing that is really important That’s different between both consoles and I wanted to talk about that. Oh well, I Hit this guy – oh my god.

They’re not paying attention. What are they doing? I can’t believe I’m using the spy drone What is advanced warfare but this crucial difference that I’ve noticed between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox? 47 is backwards compatibility what I’ve seen so far PlayStation 5 will have backwards compatibility with ps4 games and I think that might be it They’re not going to have it for ps3 and PS 2 games whereas Xbox 24 is going to have backwards compatibility with the Xbox one Xbox 360 and I think original Xbox games.

Wow, this map looks so great out there I know everyone likes to geek out over the specs of their consoles and stuff. They like to compare them tell everyone on the internet why their console is better than the other one because it does this certain thing and that’s not really what I’m trying to do it all with this video I’m more or less wanted to bring it up just to let you guys know my take on it Obviously as a youtuber I’m going to be getting both consoles so I could give a damn about any kind of console war the petty fighting between both like companies It doesn’t matter.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up getting both consoles but the whole reason I wanted to bring all this up is because there’s a reason I’m beginning bow if history repeats itself with the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4 I think we all know what will happen Microsoft will most likely ends up like over complicating things and overreaching with really ambitious ideas kind of Like what they did with the Xbox one by constantly changing the UI having the Kinect but at the end of the day I ended up making the switch from Xbox one to PlayStation 4 just because it Was a more stable experience when it comes to new games being released?

 It seems like PlayStation 4 does run them a little bit better whether that’s a better native resolution a more stable framerate we’re liking Cole Duty’s case where PlayStation gets the content earlier obviously as a youtuber I have to be there to get it but with All of that being said, it doesn’t mean I’m going to throw away my Xbox It’s because when it comes to console gaming I started off in the Xbox 360 I am so much progress on the like all of the older Call of Duty games battlefield if I want to go back and relive Those super nostalgic moments of opening supply drops on the advanced warfare and having depression and you know I can’t just get rid of my Xbox.

That was bad I’m sorry But seriously if I want to go back and play cod four world at war modern warfare 2 I didn’t do that on PlayStation 3 So when Microsoft says that the Xbox 51 is gonna have backwards compatibility for all the previous Xboxes. That’s pretty good So my thought process is I’ll probably be staying on PlayStation 5 for most games at least new games There might be some pretty nifty Sony exclusives.

They’re going to get rid of Rumble So I even saying that right get rid of rumbles. What am I talking about? Well rumbly shaking things that are in our controllers They’re getting rid of that and instead they’re doing like a whole haptic feedback thing Wow that connection now Let’s say you’re playing a game like Cole Duty. If you were holding a pistol, it might have like a really light trigger It’s easy to pull but if you’re using something like a Barrett 50 caliber sniper rifle with a really heavy trigger with the PlayStation 5 Triggers on the controller you’re supposed to actually be able to feel that difference instead of every click feeling the same So that’s some pretty cool new technology Melvin approves.

I personally would have preferred if they added a calculator app for free Does it seem like the most necessary thing in the world? I mean, I don’t know in the grand scheme of things It seems pretty minor, but it is still pretty cool. It’s a tradition It’s all good. I got the bell obsidian Steve now, let’s crush everyone’s elves and dreams with the bow. Oh, look How does it even a double kill triple? Here you go I’m hoping Oh, Mike look at the oh I suck Why are they all sitting in quarters in this room such a gross game?

I don’t think I’d be getting the Xbox 75 for the sake of playing of this with backwards-compatibility, but honestly I really don’t miss the advanced warfare days that much I recently went back and played through the entire advanced warfare campaign and oh boy it felt like I beat the campaign in three hours and on top of that it had tons of scenes that just seemed like they Were ripped out of like the old modern warfare games.

It’s so lazy don’t we think the advanced warfare campaign had was – Ten minutes of rapid supply. I am our defense in an airborne element I really hope modern warfare doesn’t have like bad supply drops or anything But do I have an EXO helmet on get rid of that and covering up my beautiful clown face Put it back on I wonder if you can play hardcore I don’t think I played a hardcore too much in advanced warfare It’d be kind of cool to find a lobby. Oh, we got a hardcore TDM on defender. Oh, there’s a spawn delay and hardcore gross Okay, I’m not going to play this respawn delay for hard cores is too boring I think there’s literally only one TDM lobby on advanced warfare on the 360 so bad it is These are the exact same people – I don’t know why I picked this game to play today.

This game is just so vile I’m holding mobile looks better than this game may be fair it kind of looks better than Black Ops for two but that’s just you know that subjective Oh Cory goes dude is such a nerd who actually tries on this Don’t you dare EXO slide away from you Cory glow I actually just want to try to hit one feet on here, but it’s actually difficult. Everyone is virtual our cohort so He EXO two right into it That’s going to do it for this video, thank you guys very much for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed some advanced warfare. Well talking about the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Number Microsoft just come up with a name already If you guys did enjoy this video and you’re excited for some next-gen HD quality consoles Make sure to drop a like and I’ll see you guys later