Ration Card

Ration Card


Any Indian Citizen can apply for Ration Card. Any individual above 18 years can apply for the ration card. If you are not 18 years of age, you will be included in your parents card.

The government of India issues ration cards to the people in India. It is a Identification of Indians. Government supply grains to card holders on monthly basis.

What is ration card:

It is a registered document with each PDS department of the state. Depending on the criteria and family these ration cards are of different types example: yellow, green, and white, according to the state. These types vary between different state governments and each colored card or type of card has its own features and importance.

  • orange cards are given to those whose income is above 15000
  • 2.white cards are given to those whose annual income is below one lakh.
  • Green Card for those pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children below five years.

Need for ration cards:

Allaudin khilji started these ration cards. He has first introduced these type of cards to avail ration for families in that period.in the 1940s; it got introduced during the Bengal famines when people were largely affected by it. Before the green revolution during the 1960s, there is a massive shortage of food and grains during that time these rations are provided. After that it became a mandatory document for all families to avail ration from Government in the independent India.

There are two types of ration cards

Depending up on the state government the types of it varies, which carries its own features and importance.. Various state governments have various types of It which is given depending on the family type its financial status etc.

Information available in ration cards:

               In Tamilnadu, there are different types of ration cards. Each card has its own purpose and it is provided to the families based on certain criteria. In general, all the ration card will bear a Ration card number registered with Government of Tamilnadu, along with the Family Head details and family members details. Type of these cards provided, date on which it is provided along with the seal of government authority.

               With the digitization of services, the ration cards are now replaced by smart card, which is digitally generated and authenticated card provided to families. This smart card needs to be provided for all transactions in the PDS, while availing the Ration.

How to apply ration card online :

In Tamilnadu, we can apply for Ration card by following the below steps:

  1. Go to https://www.tnpds.gov.in/ Scroll down food and public distributive system 
  2. Upload the pdf and enter all the details 
  3. Click on the smart card application 
  4. Click all the details in the application form 

How to access ration card in mobile:

Any ration cardholder can dial in the IVRS dedicated number to know any transaction or information related to the Ration card with the state government. The ration cardholder has to press the designated number and enter the Aadhaar card number to cross verify the detail



It is very good initiative by Government. Few points that needs to be addressed.

  1. The quality of the grains provided by the government is very poor.
  2. For many families, ration cards not yet offered.
  3. In some regions, rations don’t reach the people, and the black market sells it.
  4. In measuring process also there is a lot of fraud occurs and in weighing balances etc.
  5. The authority should raid the ration shops while distributing ration.
  6. More items needs include

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