Today we are going to brief you about the Paymanager. if you are in the state of rajasthan, you have already heard of this word Paymanager. If not, please read on. For those, who know what Paymanager is, this article will help you to understand Paymanager better. Hope you like our article and it will help you understand Paymanager, its navigation, uses and Importance.


The paymanager is nothing but a pay bill preparation system.  It is for the employees of the state of Rajasthan. This paymanager is one stop platform which is integrated and common to prepare the pay bills of the employees. It also includes preparation for D.A arrear, bonus, arrears, and leaves encashment bills.

What is paymanager?

Paymanager is used as the easy way for preparing bills for the wages statement for the workers. It not only makes the invoices for the wages of the workers but also for D.A dues bonus dues. A software prepares its invoices. The paymanager portal is managed and monitored by the finance department of the government of Rajasthan .it is an important initiative taken by the government of Rajasthan. The national IT center develops the paymanager website.

Information available in paymanager:

All the government-related data of all the government employees working in Rajasthan are only available in the paymanager. This paymanager is such a vital portal where the salary bills of all the government employees are prepared, and the work is also useful for the installment of income tax.

How to access pay manager?

When persons join in or any government job, the first one to be created is employee ID. the master data is the first process of salary. Then all the details of the employee is filled in the below-mentioned form.

If you want to access the Paymanager website then all you have to do is that, you need to open a web browser and go to the address bar and simply type in the website URL which is give as below:


After opening this site, you fill all the details. now let’s see how to login the Paymanager bill


Here sees the above form. You have to fill your name, password, captcha, user name, and date of birth. for this, you have to keep your email id active.

After login, your account is created in the paymanager. Now you can check your salary account by logging in

Go to salary preparation, select the employee name from the list. You will get details of which month’s salary you want. you can download the details. choose the month and the year of which employee you want.

You will be paid on the manager by this process.

  1. Bill allocation
  2. Employee pay detail by visiting salary preparation
  3. Monthly salary process
  4. Check internal bill reports by going to reports.
  5. Then It will be forward to DDO.

Later, bills will be forward to the treasury.

How to check salary slip?

  1. First of all, login to the system as an employee.
  2. Then go the process tab.
  3. Click on to the Payslip icon to see the Payslip.
  4. Enter the month, year, and name of the employee you want to check.
  5. If you’re going to review records, you have to press the records.


This portal of paymanager is a handy and easy way for employees. It is most famous for downloading the GA 55 forms. This paymanager software is designed, developed, and hosted by the national informatics center.

Hope our article is helpful to understand and know about importance of Paymanager. All the information provided in this article is for information only. If you feel the information is in violation of copyright policies or rights, Please email We will review your request and act accordingly.