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India is a socialist, secular, and democratic country. After India got independence on 15 august 1947 a new government formed with new rules, this is called the constitution of India. in these laws it is mentioned that every individual has freedom for speech in this country, and every individual who is 18 years and above can vote and can choose the leader.  After that, we have seen that regularly there are elections held where common people of India will elect their government.

Election Commission has been formed which will govern all the election related tasks and Election commission has been given certain powers under Indian Legislation

What is nvsp?

Nvsp means national voters service portal through which anyone can avail the services like

  • electoral list
  • apply for voter id card
  • apply for any corrections in the voter id through online
  • view details of the polling booth.
  • assembly constituency and parliamentary constituency.
  • 5.contact details of the booth officer.

When nvsp started?

The ECI that is the election commission of India has put an effort to the voters of India to provide all the facilities. A portal called NVSP has been created for the same in the year 2015 from then this portal is single point reference for all your election or electoral information needs.

How to access nvsp?

We need to visit the website https://electoralsearch.in/  to see your name is registered in electoral. If its not there, you can register. If your name is present, you are eligible to vote. 

Image Credits: https://www.nvsp.in/

The documents needed for register are:

  • One passport size photograph
  • Identity proof: Any valid document like School certificate (SSC), Aadhaar Card etc.
  • Address proof: Ration card, Aadhaar card, electricity bill etc.
  • After submitting your application, you will receive an email contain detail of update and application id. Through which you can track your electoral. Once the process is complete, you will then receive it via registered post.

How to access nvsp in mobile?

First, through mobile, the facility was not available. Later voter helpline app was presented before the election commission. It was instantly approved and got a positive response. The application comprises of the below:

With this app, people are aware of so many things like EVM, downloading the latest ECI news.

It took in the shape of the voter helpline. Fifty-three million electoral searches have been performed through this mobile app.

The voter ID app is available in google play store  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?

Id=com.eci.citizen&hl=en_ IN

Apple store https://apps.apple.com/US/app/voter-helpline/id1456535004.


NVSP portal has established the service delivery platform to all the voters of India. A user from any part of the world can fill the form and reach out to electoral officers. Electoral roll names can be easily searched in this portal, and we can validate our name, location etc. Recently concluded that the maximum number of citizens. you use this NVSP portal can avail of this offer by using mobile SMS.

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