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MAKE $20,000 IN 30 DAYS | How To Wholesale Real Estate in 2021

MAKE $20,000 IN 30 DAYS | How To Wholesale Real Estate in 2021

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This video goes over what wholesaling is and how you can do it right now. In a nutshell, a wholesaler is someone who finds a good real estate deal and assigns it to an end buyer who will pay you more for that deal than what you have it under contract for. The seller gets the amount that’s written on the contract, you get the difference of what the end buyer is paying, and the end buyer gets a good deal!

There are three main ways to get a wholesale deal: The MLS, other wholesalers, and direct to seller. I don’t recommend fishing the MLS when you’re starting off, but it’s still an option!

The biggest ways we get deals are direct to seller. This includes TV commercials, driving for dollars, cold calling, texting, door knocking, the list goes on. I detail a bunch of methods to find deals and network with other people in this business.

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