Kutchina kitchen chimney TRENDY 90cm a chimni for kitchen autoclean function and a chimney with 90cm autoclean technology with 1300±50m³/Hr suction capacity best suited as kitchen chimney for home


Price: ₹33,990 - ₹22,990.00
(as of Dec 11, 2023 01:10:51 UTC – Details)

Trendy 90 Kitchen Chimney by Kutchina, a name synonymous with grandeur, is designed for high-end, germ-free kitchens of today. The chimney’s 90-centimeter, mild-steel body guarantees not only its long life but also that your kitchen will always smell fresh and clean. The incorporation of touch sensors into the switch controls and 3rd generation dry auto clean technology makes Trendy 90, one of the best selling kitchen chimneys.
Suction (m3/h) : 1300±50m³/Hr
Switch Control : Touch Control with wave sensor
Auto Clean type : DRY, 3rd Generation
Product Dimension (mm) : L900 X W510 X H450mm
Switch Control : Touch Control with wave sensor
Kutchina Chimney Smart Kitchen integrates advanced technology with kitchen appliances for a modern and efficient cooking experience.
The smart kitchen system includes a sleek and stylish Kutchina chimney that effectively removes smoke, odor, and grease from the kitchen.
Kutchina Chimney Smart Kitchen offers customizable preset modes for different cooking styles, such as deep frying, grilling, or slow cooking, optimizing the chimney’s operation based on the cooking requirements.