Home Youtube How to wholesale vacant land for huge profits!!! | Wholesale Real Estate

How to wholesale vacant land for huge profits!!! | Wholesale Real Estate

How to wholesale vacant land for huge profits!!! | Wholesale Real Estate

Getting a wire of $82,000 into your bank account just from picking up the phone. Can you imagine that? Well check out what theses two 24 year olds Malik Vaughn and Elijah Thompson from Dallas Forth Worth, Texas.

00:00 – 03:25 Introduction
03:25 – 06:29 How did you start your company
06:29 – 07:31 What made you not want to go to REI Meeting?
07:31 – 09:30 How did you guys meet?
09:31 -12:17 How do you generate leads?
12:18 – 15:08 How do you build your database?
15:09 – 17:30 How do you guys work together?
17:31 – 20:06 Are you getting loud on social media?
20:07 – 27:29 Let’s break down a deal!
27:30 – 30:06 What’s the goal?
30:07 – 32:00 How do people reach out to you?
32:00 – 34:23 Wrapping up

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