Elysian Silica Gel Pouch Moisture Absorber For Wardrobe, Storage Compartment, Kitchen Cabinets, Almirah, Shoe Rack, Bathroom Uses Gel Desiccant Packs Of 250 Gram (Each Pouch 10 Gram)



Price: ₹270.00 - ₹159.00
(as of Aug 17,2022 10:09:13 UTC – Details)

Elysian moisture absorber adsorbs the moisture and saves your leather handbags, watches purses, wallets, belts. From fungus and mold. Keep some elysian silica gel pouches in your leather handbags and you can keep your handbags in closed containers with some pouches. Silica gel packets are used to protect your items from moisture damage. Our silica’s hygroscopic properties adsorb and hold moisture from surrounding air. Protect your products such as semiconductors, electronics, cartons of food, and all types of machinery. Use them to protect tools and hardware from rust. Preserve precious family jewelry. Place one inside your tackle box use them to store your outdoor gear, throw one in your storage bin to keep cloths and important documents safe from moisture. The package is clearly marked – “do not eat” because it is not food.
Packet material is made of breathable nonwoven fabric cloth. Special thickness silica gel packs are stored in a re-sealable self-standing bag for easy storage and use (newly designed air tight sealing and sturdy bag for moisture control)
Helps to keep moisture away from your valuable computers and equipment silica gel packets can absorb 40 percent of its weight in water vapor, provides superior absorption. Use silica gel packets to protect your important documents, collectibles, books, valuable computers, electronics, camera lens, jewelry, photo album, leather items, shoes, silver, guns, and ammos.
Pure and Safe Pure white silica gel beads. These packets do not contain indicating beads and will not change color when they are saturated.

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