Effective Tips to Stay Fit at Your Desk Job



Effective Tips to Stay Fit at Your Desk Job:

Stay Fit – A desk job is not the best thing that can happen to our fitness and health. If you want to have more energy, not gain weight, and be healthy, you need to keep your body active. That is not possible when you are spending more than 9 hours a day at your desk. You work on a desk in the office, you work at a desk when you come back home, so physical activity is quite limited for us.

Stay Fit

Then how do we make sure we don’t become obese, unhealthy or take the stress? How to be healthy because a lot of people don’t feel like going to a gym or working out after working for 9 hours or more a day? Well, you can start by finding a gym which is near your office or home, and here are some more tips to help you become healthy while staying at your desk job.

Keep taking a break every hourStay Fit:

Stay Fit –Every hour, get up from your desk and take a quick break. Continuously sitting and working strains your back and eyes and makes you lethargic. So, a five-minute break every hour where you can do a quick stretch or take a walk or go on a coffee break is a must.

They will keep you active also, which is our goal at the end of the day.

Keep your sitting posture correctStay Fit:

Stay Fit –How we sit affects our whole body. If your sitting posture is not right, you will slump while walking. Also, it affects your spine, giving you back pain and also makes it problematic for you to get in a correct workout. Thus, firstly, make sure your chair is comfortable and back-friendly. Next, sit straight and tall so that your hips and knees are at an angle of 90 degrees. Don’t slump in the chair; you can even talk to a medical practitioner to know what posture would be best for you.

Bad posture can lead to many problems like back and spinal issues which leads to even more severe effects.

Keep the environment positiveStay Fit:

Stay Fit –Your desk job can make you frustrated sometimes because it becomes impossible to take a break due to heavy workload. In such a situation, it is easy to lose inspiration to eat healthily or do some quick workout after reaching home. You are so tired from the day that sleeping or the couch is your favourite spot. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you need some positivity that surrounds your desk so that you can calm yourself. Tips:

  • Print out some motivational and inspirational posters which help you calm down and motivate you to eat better, sit straighter, and take a break even if it’s for two minutes.
  • Have some family photos as they always light up your desk.
  • Invest in an indoor plant which you can keep at your desk. They are great for ambiance and look fresh as well.

Meeting on the go:

Stay Fit – Another great idea to help you stay fit and get some activity is to have a meeting on the go. Instead of sitting at a boardroom, you can have the meeting while on the go. Your can do it in the park as well. Of course, make sure you don’t do it with too many people around, privacy reasons.

Make stairs your best friend:

Stay Fit – Another way to stay fit during work is to take stairs always. Skipping escalators and elevators is the best thing. Taking the stairs will help you burn good calories and make you move your feet more. The day you don’t feel like going to the gym, climb up, and down the stairs at least five times (at least 4-5 floors), it will be the perfect cardio workout.

Walk after lunchStay Fit:

Stay Fit – Most people take an hour or a half-hour for lunch. Use it to your advantage as you can eat your lunch in 15 minutes and use the rest of the time to go on a walk, instead of sitting around and gossiping. A walk after every meal is the best way to ensure you digest it properly, so create a group and go on a group walk, it will motivate you better to continue.

Food habitsStay Fit:

Change your food habits to make sure you eat healthily. Tips:

  • Always bring meals from home, even snacks, like fruits or nuts or something healthy.
  • If you feel like eating junk, make sure you eat a small portion and compensate for it by eating a healthy dinner.
  • Bring herbal teas with you or black coffee. Say no to shakes or cold coffee.
  • Eat fruits every day for energy, sweetness, and nutrients.

Start with these small changes, and you will start feeling better and energized.

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