September 29, 2023



Aadhaar card download, adhar card download
AADHAR DOWNLOAD – ADHAR CARD DOWNLOAD: INTRODUCTION: AADHAR DOWNLOAD – ADHAR CARD DOWNLOAD- Aadhar is the identification card of Indian irrespective of age. UIDIA issues the AADHAAR card. The government of India issues it. It is a 12-digit number, which is the same all over the lifetime of every individual. AADHAR is a Hindi word which means BASE in English; It...
APSRTC - Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation: Introduction: APSRTC its full form is Andhra Pradesh road transport corporation is formed in 1958 on January 11. It is previously one part of Nizam state rail and road transport department in those days. Later when Andhra Pradesh is divided into two states Andhra and Telangana, TSRTC is operated as a separate entity...
PFMS-Public Financial Management System Introduction: In this article we are going to brief you about PFMS. If you have ever heard about it then you know what it is, if not then, our article helps you to understand about it, what is PFMS, its features and Importance in India. PFMS means public financial management system, which helps the transaction system for fund...

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