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Amazon India

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Amazon India
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          In this article we are going to discuss on India’s and Worlds famous ecommerce platform Amazon. And more specifically we are going to brief you about Amazon India on the following important points listed below:

  • Introduction – When amazon India started?
  • What is amazon India
  • What is the information available in amazon India?
  • When amazon India started?
  • How to join amazon India as seller
  • How to access amazon India online
  • How to access amazon India in mobile
  • conclusion

Introduction – When amazon India started?

Ever have a doubt in your mind on what is Amazon and When amazon India started? Amazon is an American multinational company head-quartered in Seatle. This company was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994.  Its major focuses are on e-commerce, digital streaming and cloud computing.  Amazon is considered to be a largest well known internet company by revenue.

It started selling books through online market which was later expanded to sell all the other products that includes electronics, apparels, furniture, toys, fashion items etc.  Amazon overtook Walmart as the most valuable retailer in 2015.

As the world is moving towards cloud computing technology, Amazon had also provided the cloud-computing platform by launching Amazon Web Services.

What is amazon India

If you still have question on What is Amazon India. Continue reading this. Amazon India is an ecommerce website for online marketing/shopping.  Amazon launched its first website in India in February 2012.  Amazon India is not only for buying products, it is also a place to be a seller.  There are third party sellers who sell their goods via Amazon’s site.  Amazon website intermediates between the seller and buyer.  If any user wants to buy any product using Amazon website, the sellers will send the respective goods to Amazon warehouse.  Amazon will in turn pack the product and ships it to the customer’s address.

Amazon India had turned in to a most popular ecommerce site due to its current services to most of the Indian states.  It has more than 25000 Indian sellers.

Amit Agarwal is the Chairman who runs Amazon India.

What is the information available in amazon India?

If you like to know what is the information available in Amazon India, continue reading this. Amazon India contains all the consumer products like Electronics, appliances, fashions, pantry, beauty, health, sports, fitness, accessories, toys, books etc.

Amazon India
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It also has its own products like Echo, Alexa, Fire TV stick, Kindle etc.  These are the products competes with other top brands like Google.

Amazon had also launched “Amazon Pay” which acts as a prepaid wallet that can be used for shopping or to pay any bills or can be used for mobile recharge.

How to join amazon India as seller

If you like to know how to join Amazon India as seller, continue reading this. Visit Amazon India website and click “Accounts & Lists” which shows you the various options.  Click “Your Seller Account”, it will take you to another page where you can click “Start selling” option

Amazon India
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Amazon India
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Create your own account to be a seller.  Below documents are must to be a seller.

  1. GSTIN Certificate
  2. PAN Card
  3. Bank Account
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Email ID

How to access amazon India online

If you like to know How to access amazon India online, continue reading this. Amazon India website can be accessed using the link  You will see various shopping categories.  Based on your interest you can buy the products and add them to your cart.  Before choosing a product, you can also see the product reviews shared by the other users of that specific product.

Below given is a sample review provided by the users for a mobile phone.

Amazon India
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Amazon India
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Once you are set to buy that product, you can click “Add to Cart” button to move on with next step.  You need to provide your Delivery Address where the product needs to be delivered. There are many options to pay such as “Cash On Delivery”, “Debit/Credit Card”, “Internet Banking”, “BHIM UPI” etc.  If the product amount is high, user can also convert the amount in EMI by selecting the tenure period.  EMI and Cash on Delivery options will not be applicable for all the products.

How to access amazon India in mobile

If you like to know How to access Amazon India in Mobile, continue reading this. Amazon Indian had also launched a mobile app for Android and IOS mobile users.  It is an easy way to access the Amazon India app in mobile.  There are more than 100 million users who have downloaded this app until now.  Users will not face any difficulties accessing this shopping app through mobile.

Amazon India
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Amazon India is a user-friendly website and mobile app where users can do the shopping on all the available categories very easily.  Even though there are other competitors like Flipkart, Snapdeal, ShopClues etc., Amazon India stands in the top when compared with others.