70’S KITCHEN Cast Iron Appam Pan 9 Inch |3-Times Pre Seasoned | (Cast Iron, Large), Black



Price: ₹1,999 - ₹799.00
(as of Oct 10,2022 00:27:33 UTC – Details)

Product Description

logo cast ironlogo cast iron Why 70s KItchen?

70s Kitchen is all about meeting today’s modern kitchen with India’s traditional and healthy cookware.We want to benefit Each and Every Indian With a healthy cooking lifestyle . we are also trying to Bringing back the Cooking memories of 70s Kitchen.

cast iron appam pancast iron appam pan

Cast Iron Appam pan 9 inch has always been worth every penny for its benefits and durability. What makes 70’s Kitchen unique? – From soaking the products in a salt-water for a day to organic heating, We season it for 3-times before sending it to you.

cast iron appam pancast iron appam pan

70s Kitchen Fry pans


Cast iron

Cast iron

Cast iron


Cast iron

Cast iron


Induction friendly


Double handle

double handle

double handle

Stainless steel handle

single silicon handle

Double handle


cast iron use carecast iron use care

Using Soap can harm my cookware?

No! If needed, use a mild soap/scrub to clean your cast iron.

What if my cast iron gets Rust?

No worries! Just remove the rust using steel wool/scrub off the pot/pan. Once done, wash it with warm water and follow the seasoning steps. Your cast iron is ready to use now.

Why do we choose cast iron cookwares?

Once cast iron is hot, it stays hot. So cast iron pans are great for searing meat. Cast iron is great for keeping food warm since it holds heat for a considerable length of time.

Do i need to season it daily?

No, you don’t need to. Only season it after every use.

Food is Sticking to my new skillet,I thought cast-iron was supposed to be non-stick?

You should use a little extra cooking oil the first 6-10 times you use your new skillet. As the seasoning builds up, food will stick less and less. After cooking in your skillet a few times, you’ll find the food releases effortlessly.

Get back to our traditional way of cooking with 70’s kitchen cast iron cookwares. Our products are hand-seasoned with vegetable oil and beautifully hand-crafted by various skilled artisans of Tamilnadu.
Multipurpose cookware for tasty & delicious appams served with coconut milk, spicy condiment or curry taste much better in cast iron pans etc. It works on the stove, in the oven.
As iron deficiency is more common these days, food prepared in a cast iron will helps your body with iron intake and also experience the enhanced taste in your preparation.
Easy to clean and maintain: Cast iron is simple to clean and maintain. Use with confidence because it is non-toxic, non-staining, and non-reactive with food.

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