6 Essential Tips for Hire a PHP Developer in 2020


6 Essential Tips for Hire a PHP Developer in 2020:

Hire a PHP Developer– PHP is an acronym for Hypertext Pre-processor which is widely used as an open-source scripting language. It is said that the PHP computer programming assignment language is an excellent choice if you aim to develop both static and dynamic websites for your business. Talking of the present day scenario, businesses across the globe have faced some serious repercussions about the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been predicted that most businesses in the upcoming decade will aim to draw maximum revenues via online platforms. 

Hire a PHP Developer

But, how do you hire the ablest of all PHP developers and stand ahead of the crowd with your digital presence? That’s the biggest concern. Well, there are some definitive guidelines one must follow to sign up with the best PHP developer in town. 

Would you like to crack the trick of the trade? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Test the technical expertise of the candidate

Hire a PHP Developer – Instead of asking the stereotypical questions on where they would see themselves five years down the line and the likes, prioritize asking technical questions to gauge expertise. Here are some suggestions on the types of questions you must ask to examine the extent of technical knowledge of the candidate. 

  • What do you know about the detailed PHP design patterns? 
  • Describe your work experiences with different web service platforms? 
  • What is the name of scripting engine in PHP? 
  • Explain the differences between PHP4 and PHP5
  • What procedures would you follow to encrypt data using PHP? 

Analyze communication skills as well:

Hire a PHP Developer– This is one quintessential area one must prioritize while hiring PHP developers for their business projects to roll smooth. Communication is an undeniably critical factor when it comes to recruitment of new employees in an organization. The PHP developer recruitment drive is certainly not an exception. Here are the strategies you must apply to check and confirm the candidate’s communication skill on different levels. 

  • See if the developer has communicational expertise across various modes such as audio, web, phone, video and the likes. 
  • If your organization prefers to talk to the clients in person rather than typing Emails, then you must focus on hiring someone who has in-person manipulation proficiencies. 
  • Remember, the PHP developer must possess thorough knowledge across computer science programming languages such as Java and SQL. 
  • Evaluate and find out whether the PHP developer has a clear sense of understanding with expertise in terms of decoding complex instructions. 
  • Also, check and confirm whether the developer is capable of speaking at least two different languages, apart from his/her mother tongue.

Assign dummy projects and evaluate performance:

Hire a PHP Developer– Mere asking a few technical questions or analyzing communication skills among the PHP developers will not serve your purpose in the long run. Things won’t fall into places if the potential candidate ends up ruining an on-going project down the road. So, it is always better to be precautious in such cases. Here are some dummy PHP development project ideas you can use to assign projects before offering the developer a job. 

  • You can assign PHP projects that ask developers to deduce how a variable is declared in PHP. 
  • Frame a dummy project that requires the developers to use SQL Database.
  • Ask the candidates to differentiate between the PHP loops and implement the ideas to define a complex project.
  • Give them exercises to solve and ask how to make a single and multi-line comment in PHP. 
  • Assign projects that include PHP variable-length argument function.
  • Ask the developers implements the elements such as Echo and Print.

Strategize your recruitment plan before everything else:

You cannot just afford to call in PHP developers for interviews without strategizing a solid recruitment plan before it. You need to analyze and understand what exactly is the requirement of your organization, and why would you need a PHP developer in the first place. There are more of such critical questions and areas to be analyzed before roping someone in for your business. 

So, read through the strategies mentioned below and never miss out on following up with the right PHP developer recruitment drive for your organization. 

  • Analyze how quickly you need to hire a PHP developer for your project.
  • How many PHP developers do you plan to recruit at the moment? 
  • Are you comfortable with remote/freelance PHP developers, or do you need them to operate directly from your office?
  • Are there budget constraints in your organization? How much capital can you invest at this moment? 
  • If you are looking for experienced PHP developers, then you can consider getting in touch with them via platforms such as Stack Overflow, GitHub Jobs and LinkedIn.
  • It is equally important to hire PHP developers based on their key industrial expertise and the purpose they would serve for your company. 
  • For example, there is no point hiring someone who has expertise in MySQL/SQL databases for projects that require hands-on experience in Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. 
  • Survey the market and take note of all the key industry trends in the field of PHP development. 
  • Create a list of all the competitive aspects you must meet to keep up with the trends.
  • Once you are done segregating your priorities, design your recruitment policies and every other actionable point according to the market study.

Keep a tab on the developer’s whereabouts:

You should don’t invest your trust and money in a random PHP developer just because the person has met the criteria above. Recruiters must always walk an extra mile through clarifying and reviewing these key pointers. 

  • Collect the details of the PHP developer’s previous organization and try following up with the HR to figure out the efficiency of their ex-employee. 
  • Check and confirm whether the certifications or other academic achievements claimed by the developer are genuine. 
  • Follow up, check and confirm whether the potential employee has no criminal records or other discrepancies on ethical grounds.

Offer a decent salary package:

We all provide services in return for financial gains. So, you must offer PHP developers a decent salary package to patronize and rope in worthy talents for your business. Here are some guided suggestions you should follow to decide on the net salary package. 

  • You should decide salary based on how much skill and productivity the PHP developer brings to the job. 
  • Determine salaries after a thorough evaluation of market pay rates. 
  • Refrain from sticking to the notion of hiring cheap-skilled labours. 
  • Try to introduce incentive schemes and loyalty bonuses along with the salary you would offer.

Key Takeaways

Let me feel safe to assume that the blog has been successful in helping you know how to sign up with the right and the ablest PHP developers. Here is a glance at the key takeaway points of the blog for quick references on the go. 

  • Examine the technical expertise of the PHP developer you would recruit. 
  • You should prioritize the aspect of reviewing communication skills in the developer.
  • Evaluate the performance of the prospective recruits by assigning them dummy projects. 
  • It is equally important for you to strategize the recruitment plan before venturing out. 
  • Follow up with the academic and professional details of the employee on board. 
  • Determine a fair salary package structure to value real talents.